Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd. irfc Share Price Today

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd. IRFC Share Price Today

irfc Share Price Today

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd. (IRFC) is a public sector corporation, listed on the Indian stock exchanges. It engages in the business of financing and leasing rolling stocks, tracks, electrical and other equipment for rail operations; financing of projects relating to the development and maintenance of railway infrastructure; investment from time to time in equities and debt securities including construction finance; and property

Introduction to IRFC

The Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd. (IRFC) is the dedicated financing arm of the Indian Railways. It was set up in 1986 to mobilize extra-budgetary resources for the expansion, modernization, and replacement of the aging Indian Railways infrastructure. IRFC is a public sector undertaking wholly owned by the Government of India and is currently headed by Shaktikanta Das, former Economic Affairs Secretary. 

Since its inception, IRFC has been playing a pivotal role in supporting the capital expenditure programs of Indian Railways. As on 31st March 2019, IRFC had an asset base of ₹1,72,405 crore (US$ 24.5 billion), making it one of the largest NBFCs in India. 

In recent times, IRFC has taken several steps to further strengthen its position as a leading financing institution in India. In September 2018, IRFC launched its maiden Green Bond issue of ₹5,000 crores (US$ 709 million), becoming the first NBFC in India to do so. The proceeds from this bond issue will be used to finance energy-efficient and environment-friendly projects undertaken by Indian Railways. 

In January 2019, IRFC completed a successful public offer of tax-free bonds aggregating ₹12,000 crores (US$ 1.7 billion). This was oversubscribed 1.73 times and received strong interest from retail as well as institutional investors. 

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The Indian Railways and Railway Finance Corporation

The Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) is a government-owned corporation that provides financing for the Indian Railways. The IRFC was established in 1986 and is based in New Delhi. The IRFC is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange. The IRFC has a AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor's, making it one of the few investment-grade companies in India. 

The IRFC provides financing for infrastructure projects, rolling stock, and working capital needs of the Indian Railways. The IRFC also provides loans to state governments and other public sector undertakings for railway projects. 

The IRFC raised Rs 25 billion through an initial public offering in 2017, which was oversubscribed by more than 15 times. The IPO was used to finance the expansion of the railways. 

As of March 2018, the RFC had a loan portfolio of Rs 1.3 trillion.

IRFC's Roles in the Indian Railway System

The Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) is the dedicated financing arm of the Indian Railways. It was set up in 1986 as a public sector undertaking under the Ministry of Railways. IRFC is responsible for raising funds from the capital markets to finance the expansion and modernization of the Indian Railways. 

IRFC plays a critical role in supporting the growth of the Indian Railway system. The Corporation provides long-term loans to Indian Railways for investment in infrastructure projects such as gauge conversion, track renewal, railway electrification, and setting up new lines. 

In addition, IRFC also finances the acquisition of rolling stock, including locomotives, wagons, and coaches. The Corporation has been successful in mobilizing resources from global financial markets and has helped Indian Railways raise over Rs 1 lakh crore through bond issuance since its inception. 

IRFC's strong credit ratings reflect its sound financial fundamentals and robust operational performance. The Corporation has consistently maintained a healthy debt-servicing record, with a low default rate on its bonds. 

IRFC's AAA credit rating from domestic and international rating agencies is testimony to its strong financial position. The Corporation is also registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Category-I Merchant Banker.

IRFC Share Price Today, Performance of the company

The Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd.'s share price today was up by 0.74% to Rs. 32.40 on the BSE. The stock has been trading in a range of Rs. 32.10-32.85 so far today. A total of 1,484,023 shares have traded on the BSE so far today. The stock hit an all-time high of Rs. 45 on 16 February 2021 and a 52-week low of Rs 25.80 on 24 March 2020.

The company's market capitalization stands at Rs 26,848 crore as of today's close. The stock is up 51% from its 52-week low and down 28% from its all-time high. It had hit an intraday high of Rs 33 earlier today, its highest since 30 December 2020 when it had hit an intraday high of Rs 37.

The company posted a net profit of Rs 1,049 crore for the quarter that ended 31 December 2020, up 62% from Rs 647 crore reported for the corresponding quarter last year. Revenue for the quarter rose by 17% to Rs 3,369 crore from Rs 2,880 crore reported for the year-ago period

IRFC Stock Price: How to invest in IRFC share price?

The Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd.'s share price today is a great way to invest in the future of the Indian railways. The company is currently trading at Rs. 73.65, up by Rs. 0.35 or 0.48%. However, before investing in IRFC, it is essential to understand how the company functions and what factors can affect its stock price.

The Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd. is a public sector undertaking that provides financial assistance to the Indian railways. It was set up in 1986 and is currently the largest non-banking financial institution in India. IRFC raises funds through the sale of bonds and debentures and lends money to the Indian railways for investment in infrastructure projects.

 Factors affecting the IRFC stock price include changes in interest rates, government policy regarding railway investment, and global economic conditions. When interest rates rise, IRFC's borrowing costs increase, which can put downward pressure on its stock price. Conversely, lower interest rates can help boost IRFC's share price as it becomes cheaper for the company to borrow money for railway projects.

Government policy also plays a role in influencing IRFC's stock price. If the government announces plans to invest heavily in railway infrastructure projects, this could lead to an increase in IRFC's share price as investors anticipate greater demand for its financing products. However, if the government cuts back on railway spending, this could hurt IRFC's share price.



The Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd. share price today is Rs. 140.35, up 1.47% from yesterday's close of Rs. 138.20. This marks the fourth consecutive day of gains for the stock, which has now risen 7.85% since last week's low of Rs. 130.10.

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