IIFL Finance's share price today

IIFL Finance's share price today was Rs 400.30 as on 11 Nov 2022

IIFL Finance's share price was Rs400.30 on 11 Nov 2022, 0404 PM IST. IIFL Finance's share price was over by0.44 based on the  former share price of Rs 404; this stock is useless     preface IIFL Finance is a diversified  fiscal institution  innovated in 1995, IIFL Finance is a diversified  fiscal institution with a presence across India. 

The company offers a wide range of products and services including lending, investment banking, wealth  operation, and insurance.   IIFL Finance has a strong track record of growth and profitability. For the time ended March 31, 2020, the company reported total  means under  operation of Rs1.02 trillion(US$14.4 billion). The company's net profit for the time was Rs 567 crore(US$ 79 million).

IIFL Finance is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange

 and the National Stock Exchange of India. The share price of IIFL Finance as on Nov 27, 2020, was Rs217.85.   Share Price As on 11Nov. 2018, IIFL Finance's share price was400.30 as per NMSE  IIFL Finance's share price has been on a steady upward trend over the  once time. As of Nov 11, 2018, the company's share price was400.30. This represents a significant increase from the company's share price of Rs. as of Nov 10, 2017.   

IIFL Finance is a leading

  fiscal services provider in India with a focus on lending, investment banking, and asset  operation. The company has seen strong growth in recent times, which has led to an increase in its share price. The company's strong financials and positive outlook continue to attract investors, which is apparent by the  adding  share price. 

 Stock Exchange Listing IIF

 shares are listed on the National Stock Exchange( NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange( BSE) in India   IIFL Finance is one of India's leading NBFCs,  furnishing a range of  fiscal products and services to  individualities, commercial, and SME  guests. The company's shares are listed on the National Stock Exchange( NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange( BSE) in India.   IIFL Finance offers a wide range of products and services, including loans against property, home loans, SME loans, vehicle loans, construction finance, and deposit products. 

The company also provides  fiscal planning and investment advisory services to its  guests.   IIFL Finance has a strong network of branches across India, with over 1,000 branches  presently  functional. The company has apan-India presence, with branches in all major  metropolises and  municipalities. IIFL Finance also has an  expansive network of agents and distributors that reach out to implicit  guests in remote areas.  

 Listing Status Listed 

 As of November 27, 2020, IIFL Finance Ltd's share price wasRs.662.40 on the BSE. The company's shares have been listed on the BSE since February 11, 2020.   Political Background As of 3rd December 2018 IIF demanded prospects of advanced  levies that would   As of 3rd December, 2018 IIF demanded prospects of advanced  levies that would help them to raise  finances for their  unborn  systems.

 Their share price was Rs. 

as of Nov, which is lower than the Rs. it was in Oct. They've been trying to increase their share price by dealing   means and issuing new shares, but this has not been successful. The company's  fiscal situation is bleak and they're chancing  it  delicate to raise  finances.   IIFL securities  tip 2022  As of Nov, the IIFL Finance share price was Rs. The company has declared a  tip for the  fiscal time 2022. The compensation will be paid on Feb 4, 2023, to shareholders on record as on Jan 31, 2023.  

 IIFL securities share price target  

The IIFL Securities share price target isRs. 1,250.   IIFL FinanceLtd. is an India- groundednon-banking  fiscal company( NBFC). The Company is engaged in the business of  plutocrat lending, gold backing, capital  requests, investment banking, forex broking, and loan against shares( LAS). It operates through four  parts plutocrat Lending Business; Gold Financing Business; Capital Markets Business, and Others.   

The plutocrat Lending business provides retail loans to small businesses and  individualities in  colorful  corridor of India. The Gold Financing business offers loans against gold jewelry as collateral. The Capital requests business provides equity  exploration, institutional broking, and other affiliated services. The Other conditioning include storeroom operations and income from investments. IIFL FinanceLtd., formerly known as Indiainfoline Finance Limited, is grounded in Mumbai, India.  

 IIFL securities are a good  steal  IIFL Securities Ltd

 is a good stock to buy and hold long- term. The company has strong fundamentals and good growth  eventuality. The stock is  presently trading at Rs. as of Nov, which is a bargain considering its long- term prospects.   The company reported strong growth in its  rearmost quarter results with the net profit growing by. The top- line growth was driven by the strong growth in interest income and other income. The interest income grew by while the other income grew by. The operating charges were well under control and grew only by.   

The company has a strong balance  distance with an equity capital of Rs crore and total  means of Rs crore. The net worth of the company stood at Rs crore as of Sep. The book value of the share is Rs.   The stock is  presently trading at an  seductive price- to- earnings  rate of just 11 times its annualized earnings for FY, making it a good  steal for the long term.   IIFL Securities Performance  As on Nov 9, 2020, IIFL SecuritiesLtd.( IISL) was trading atRs.56.85 on the BSE. The company’s 52- week high isRs. 171 and its 52- week low isRs.47.95. IISL hit its  each- time high of Rs 353 on January 10, 2008, and its an  each- time low of Rs 2 on March 17, 2009. 

The company has a  request capitalization of Rs 2,580 crore and equity of Rs 1,092 crore as on March 31, 2020.   The face value of each share is Rs 2. For the quarter that ended June 30, 2020( Q1FY21), IISL reported a net profit of Rs 42 crore as against a net profit of Rs 38 crore for the  matching quarter last time( Q1FY20). Total income for the quarter grew by 3 percent to Rs 382 crore from Rs 370 crore in Q1FY20 while total charges rose 5 percent to settle at Rs 316 crore compared to Rs 303 in Q1FY20   IIFL Security Asset  IIFL Finance is an India- grounded  fiscal services company. 

The Company provides loans, investment banking, wealth  operation, and insurance products. It's engaged in the business of lending, including to small and medium enterprises( SMEs), retail and commercial  guests; investment banking comprising  trafficker banking, institutional equities, and investment  exploration; wealth  operation comprising portfolio  operation services and distribution of third- party products,  similar as  collective  finances, insurance, and fixed income products; and life insurance. As on March 31, 2016, the Company had a network of 1,060 branches and  services across 579  metropolises in India.   IIFL Finance's share price was Rs1193.50 as on November 27th, 2017.

   IIFL Security Market Trend 

 In the  once time, IIFL Finance has been one of the stylish players in the stock  request, with its share price more than doubling from Rs. to Rs.. The company's strong  fiscal results and growth prospects have been the  crucial  motorists behind this rally.   Looking ahead, we believe that IIFL Finance is well-  deposited to continue its strong performance in the stock  request. The company's expanding product range, growing distribution network, and  perfecting asset quality are all positive factors that should support sustained growth in its share price.   


IIFL Finance Ltd is anon-banking  fiscal company( NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India( RBI). As on 11 Nov 2022, IIFL Finance's share price was Rs400.30. The 52- week high for the stock is Rs 495 and the 52- week low is Rs252.10. The face value of each IIFL Finance share is Rs 2.   Pros  When it comes to IIFL Finance, several pros make it a strong stock pick.   

First and foremost, IIFL Finance is one of the largestnon-banking  fiscal companies in India with a strong presence across the country. The company has a different product  blend which includes retail lending, noncommercial lending, SME lending, home loans, and more. This gives IIFL Finance a big competitive advantage as it can  feed to the  requirements of a large number of  guests.   Another  crucial strength of IIFL Finance is its  educated  operation  platoon. The company is led byMr. Rashesh Shah who has over 25 times of experience in the  fiscal services assiduity. Under his leadership, IIFL Finance has grown  fleetly and come one of the leading NBFCs in India.  

 IIFL Finance also has a well- diversified loan book which reduces its  pitfalls significantly. also, the company has strong  connections with some of the largest banks in India which  give it with access to low- cost backing.   All these factors make IIFL Finance a  veritably  seductive stock pick for investors looking for long- term growth.   Cons  1. Cons  - The company has high debt  situations, which may pose a  threat to its  fiscal stability.  - IIFL Finance's share price has been  unpredictable in recent months, which may make it a less  seductive investment option for some investors.  - The company's operating  perimeters have been declining in recent times, indicating that it isn't as effective as it  formerly was. 

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